Meet Missguided- Eleanore, Head of Brand

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Missguided? (Of course you have). This week, we caught up with Eleanore Chetcuti. She’s our head of brand, overseeing social, PR. content, influencer and creative.

We asked you guys to submit your questions for Eleanore. Read the full Q+A to find out about her role, day-to-day life at Missguided and her career advice.

Eleanore Chetcuti: Head of Brand

Find out what it’s like to be Missguided’s Head of Brand.

How did you land the position at Missguided?

I started as a PR assistant 6 years ago and worked my way up- hard work, blood, sweat and determination.

How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

Rebellious, empowering, reactive and relatable. Soz that’s four, but I needed four.

Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

Becoming a global household name whilst keeping our brand integrity.

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How do I get into fashion?

Never give up, fashion isn’t easy to get into! Cold call people, turn up at offices, pimp your CV and stand out from the crowd. You got this girl 💪

What’s your favourite thing about working for Missguided?

  1. The team- driven, passionate and hilarious humans. Love you.
  2. The boss- Nitin Passi, believing in me and supporting me to pursue my dream
  3. The job- Fashion is like a drug. If you’re into it, you’ll be an addict soon enough

Can you describe what you do at your job?

My job is super varied, I oversee the following teams: content and social media, creative, influencer and brand. Connecting the dots between these teams and wider teams like product design and marketing to drive one cohesive brand ethos & creative.

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What was your dream job growing up?

I always wanted to be a music video producer or DJ or fashion stylist.

What keeps you motivated?

Coffee! (jokes). Supporting my team and seeing them grow and achieve their goals. You should never sit still, there is always room for improvement. The healthy competition between brands. I’ve always been pretty driven personally so it’s pretty natural for me to keep motivated.

What are your staple outfit pieces?

I love everthing Missguided, our desing team rock! TBH i have like 8 of the Playboy hoodies, they’re so easy to wear and cool as f*ck to buy one!

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Is experience in fashion essential to work at Missguided?

I went to uni and did fashion, but to be honest work experience means you learn more skill in the role you actually want. I’d say go for internships, online course and we do work experience so go check our careers page on the website.

To someone pursuing fashion, what is your best advice?

You have to love it to the core, it can’t just be a passion, it will take over your life. It’s not glamorous all the time, however the highs are so high! Work hard, always look how things can be done differently, think commercial, think creatively, take criticism, learn from your mistakes and be a nice person. Being a bossy bitch doesn’t make you a boss bitch.

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