Meet Missguided- Kayleigh, Lead Graphic Designer

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Missguided? (Of course you have). This week, we caught up with Kayleigh Brown. She’s our lead graphic designer and she spends her days creating all the cool sh*t you see on Instagram, editing Missguided videos and much more.

We asked you guys to submit your questions for Kayleigh. Read the full Q+A to find out about her role, day-to-day life at Missguided and her career advice.

Kayleigh Missguided graphic designer
Kayleigh Graphic designer in Missguided Taxi

Q+A with Missguided’s Lead Graphic Designer

What GCSE’s/a levels did you do?

I did Art, Drama, Design & Technology and German GCSE’s (surprising I can remember, was a whiiiile ago). And then Art, German and Maths A-Levels.

Bikini or swimsuit?

I like a bit of both tbh, bikini at the start of a hot, then swimsuit after I’ve burnt, which is a guarantee because I’m am a v pale babe.

What is your background in terms of school and experience?

So I did an Art Foundation Course and then studied Fashion Promotion at USW in Cardiff. I then moved to Manchester and got a job in social media, then moved into styling and finally landed in graphic design. So it’s a bit of a mess of experience but also helped me get a real understanding of the industry.

Kayleigh selfie
Graphic designer

Favourite outfit?

Atm it’s my oversized tee & cycling shorts ‘cause you gotta be comfy but make a slight effort for those zoom meetings. But outside of lockdown anything sequinned!

Which do you prefer chill or going out?

Going out 100%. I’ve had my fill with chilling this year. I miss live music and sticky floors!!!!!

Can you recommend a good going out playsuit please I’m stuck

Yesss, I want ALL of these, so… hopefully there’s some inspo in there for you 

How do you manage all your work when you feel like the pressure is on?

Honestly, if I ever feel like I’m overwhelmed with my workload I just ask for help. The graphic gals (and the whole creative team tbh) are always there to help each other out and provide many snacks.

I’m going to study graphic design at uni this year, any tips and tricks for the industry? 

CONGRATULATIONSSSSS :clap: Honestly, the main one is start building a portfolio as early as possible. And keep it updated! There’s nothing worse than having to throw together a portfolio the day before an interview (which I have definitely NEVER done :no_mouth::joy:)

What’s the best thing you’ve ever worked on for Missguided?

The #babewithsign video edit was pretty special. It was for International Women’s Day and was just really fun to edit.

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What software do you use?

Mainly Adobe Creative Suite, depending on the brief I’m working on it can vary what I’m using in a day. But I spend most of my time on Photoshop & After Effects.

What are the courses one can take during their free time to be able to practice your job?

Get yourself on Youtube! There are SO MANY helpful graphic design & video editing video’s on YouTube and that way you can spend your money (if you’re able to) on software subscriptions instead.

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