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retail visual merchandiser

Name: Treasure Evans

Title at MG: Retail Visual Manager

Been at Missguided for: 1 year (nearly)

About me: I am responsible for the Visual and Creative Strategy for Missguided Retail and I love it.   I love my job.  I’m probably in love with my job (if Missguided was on Tinder…SUPERLIKE – that’s all I’m saying!)

It challenges me, it inspires me, it pushes me. It gives me life. I work with some of the most talented and incredible people I’ve ever met who all share the same brand ethos, and they inspire me daily.

I am responsible for everything Visual & Creative –  from the Monster truck, to the vending machine, to the mannequins, to the layout, to the graphics, to the installations, to the props, to the store atmosphere and supporting the #IRL movement.

My job is to give the customers an experience and immerse them in Missguided culture. To take a brand with the most incredible digital personality and to translate that into an #IRL experience.

EDUCATION & DEGREE Manchester High – GCSE,
(5 A*’s, 4 A’s, 2 B’s)
FIRST JOB OUT OF UNI I actually went straight into a Visual and Creative Internship, it was the best experience and set me up for my career.
I worked below some of the most driven and talented people and gained experience in Visual and Creative, but also life experience too.
I was taught to think outside the box, to push myself and never to settle – I’m forever grateful to the incredible people I’ve met and worked for along the way.
BEST PIECE OF ADVICE Work your ass off – ALWAYS.
Deliver above and beyond what is asked or expected of you in any role.Visual and Creative is all about someone’s passion. You can be taught the skill set, it’s the mind set and the love for the job that I personally look for.
Learn where possible and make the most out of every opportunity.Intern, support, style your friends up, create your own portfolio – do whatever is necessary to show willing.
Stay up late, go in early – People DO take notice.Think Differently.
Challenge yourself.
Be inspired by everyone & aim to inspire everyoneNEVER STOP LEARNING.

Your CV & cover letter are the first things people see of you (before they defo insta stalk you for an hour and end up looking at pictures of your mum’s first cousins weeding in the Maldives – we all do it) so it’s important that it looks professional, slick, and simple to read.

I have to go through literally 100’s of CV’s and the ones that stand out are the ones I take most notice of.
Clean, simple, slick, but with something different added in.
I think it’s great to show a little bit your personality in a covering letter.

Also – I would always do something extra (deliver above and beyond what is asked or expected!)
A side presentation, a SWOT, a style guide – anything – something that gives you a better chance and makes someone take notice of you, but for the right reason.

I can always do with a spare pair of hands, or ten.
And I’m always happy to offer any career advice for people that want to learn.
Feel free to email me treasure.evans@missguided.comI’m a notoriously late replier – but that’s because I’m busy CREATING EPIC SHIT.

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