MGHQ unicorn profiles: our senior brand & creative exec

senior brand and creative exec

Name: Eleanore Montgomery

Title at Missguided: Senior Brand & Creative Exec

Been at Missguided for: 3 years

About me:  I started at Missguided 3 years ago as a blogger outreach assistant, then I became PR exec. I always knew I wanted to be in the creative team so I made moves, got involved in everything I could and put myself out there! I’d send projects or ideas I’d done at home to the creative manager and wormed my way in.

I then became creative and influencer exec, merging both of my roles into one super role! I carried on working on my strengths and weaknesses, as the team grew and changes were made I was able to take on my current role as senior brand and creative exec. It’s a freaking dream come true! I do everything from campaign development, shoots, PR, events, influencer and even choosing the music TV and video

I owe so much to Missguided, I’ve travelled and met so many talented people I would never have done without my job. There’s too many pinch myself moments to count.  I feel grateful and proud every single day!

EDUCATION & DEGREE Fashion styling and photography at Salford university.
FIRST JOB OUT OF UNI I was a store manager at Kooples. It took me a lot of sh*t jobs, determination and hard work to get into Missguided. I was in Retail Creative VM for 6 years and Retail Management for 3, then small start-up ecommerce businesses in numerous different roles across social media, buying and PR. I started way at the bottom, now I’m here!
BEST PIECE OF ADVICE Try and get as much work experience in the work place as possible, it’s great for your CV and you will learn so much more than any fancy Uni course. Never give up on your dreams, blag the hell out of people and stand out from the crowd. Oh and be nice, just being nice, helpful and polite gets you a long way without any knowledge at all.

Don’t waffle on! Clean and simple with a splash of personality- especially if you’re going for a creative role, you’re creative, so be creative!

Do your research on the company you want to work for, know what you are going to do for them and how you’re going to do it! That’s why they need you after all – It’s that simple


I did work experience at Dazed and Vice magazine which gave me insight into how the industry actually works and how UN-glamorous it is, it shocked me how hard it was. From doing work experience, you will know if you want to continue in fashion. You have to REALLY LOVE IT, trust me!

Having an online presence also helps, especially in fashion. We WILL look at your Instagram account, so make sure it reflects you and how you want to be seen! It’s not about your follower account, that’s not what we are looking at.

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