Meet the cast of Nudes – Dani St James

Our latest campaign is called Nudes and it’s all about redefining how we see the colour ‘nude’. We worked with 17 empowering models and activists to partake in a shoot like never before. Find out more about each of the models involved, including Trans rights activist, Dani St James. Read her story below.

Meet Dani

Dani St James is a model and trans rights activist. Originally from Barry in Wales, the 28 year old runs a non-profit charity called Not A Phase.

We interviewed Dani and her charity co-founder Jacqui earlier this year, see the full feature here.

What advice would you give to young trans people?

“I’m trans, for me it was never a choice, it was never an option to be anything other.”

The main thing that I would want to pass on to young trans people is: The only race that you’re running in is against yourself and not to compete against people and hold yourself accountable for another persona’s stance

“I always wonder that if I had the representation in the media if I might have worked it out sooner, or I might have been able to change the way things panned out. But I’m also so grateful because the pressure wasn’t on me to look great from being really young.”

Watch Dani and the other models in action in the Missguided Nudes campaign video below.