Meet the cast of Nudes- Sasha Tesoro

The Missguided Nudes campaign launched this week and features 17 amazing activists, influencers and models. We are on a mission to redefine what the word ‘nude’ means and extend it to all colours. Find out more about one of the stars of the campaign, Sasha Tesoro.

Sasha Tesoro wearing tights and crop top
Sasha Tesoro close up shot wearing missguided nude t shirt

Meet Sasha Tesoro

Based in Manchester, Sasha is a Filipino model and content creator. She spoke about her insecurities with her skin and her passion for changing the face of fashion.

Sasha said on Instagram “I still can’t believe that modelling has been my job for the past 8 years- I’ve been extremely grateful for this journey and to witness the industry grow with diversity.. Though more is yet to be done, I’m feeling super humbled and honoured to be a part of the New Nudes Collection campaign as it sends out an important message to the fashion industry, a step into the right direction into self acceptance- with their wide variety of “nudes” to suit every skin tone, size.. and story.”

Missguided nudes group shot on red background

How have you overcome your insecurities?

One insecurity that I have would be my skin. As a model you are expected to have great skin. I see magazines that are doing no retouches and I love that.

I love my skin even though the media tells me not to. Every time you feel any type of insecurity, remember that you are not alone and that you’re powerful.

I love my skin even though the media tells me not to.

Sasha Tesoro

Watch the full Nudes campaign video below to see Natasha and the other models in action. If you wanna find out more about our Nudes campaign, click here.