Missguided Nudes- Behind the Scenes

In case you haven’t already heard, our new Nudes collection launches today and it is possibly one of our coolest and most empowering shoots to date.

We worked with 17 strong and powerful models to create a campaign like never before. We chose a mixture of people to represent our brand, because we believe that fashion should include people from all walks of life, not just the few you see on your feed.

Our cast consisted of models, influencers, activists and 10 ‘real life’ women from our Models of Diversity competition.

The concept behind the campaign was to redefine the word ‘nude’. For so many years, nude coloured clothes have only been available in beige, when reality that represents so few of us. We wanted to make a change.

Go behind the scenes of the Nudes shoot

Our Social Media Assistant, Saskia spent the day on set capturing videos, photos and interviews for the Missguided social channels.


A day in the life working at Missguided with our social assistant @sasclrk 💘 Who else wants this kind of job? 👇 ##dayinmylife ##dreamjob

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“The shoot started at 6:45 and it was over two days. On both days we had a variety of incredible models and activists on set who made the day really inspiring.

It was so busy from start to finish and we had a variety of content to cover such as stills, the campaign, BTS and empowering IGTV’s talking through some of the models personal lives and issues they have faced.

Models of Diversity also came to watch the shoot and see the girls who had won the competition. Most of the girls had never modelled before, or ever been in front of a camera, but everyone was so natural, really confident and the vibe was really nice 

Everyone uplifted one another and hyped each other up on set. Each girl was so thankful for the representation and proud to be included and making a change in the industry It was a long day but worth it in the end” – Saskia Clark


The colour nude has meant one shade for far too long, when in reality our skin is not 💖⚡️ ##missguided ##modelsofdiversity

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The finished product

After two long days on set, 17 amazing and inspiring models and 10,000 cups of coffee, the shoot was complete. Take a look at the finished campaign video below.

Find out more about Nudes

If you wanna find out more about the campaign, the models involved and the concept behind the creation, click here.

You can also shop the full collection on Missguided now, or take a look below.