Working from home diaries – Liv, Creative Content Executive

The reality of working from home, from the team at Missguided HQ

Written by Liv Grady

February 5, 2021

WFH diaries liv

Welcome to Working From Home diaries, where we are discussing what life is REALLY like during lockdown. Each week we are talking to a different team member from Missguided HQ, to cover a day working from home. We want to de-glamourise the unrealistic WFH photos you see on Instagram and tell it how it is. Not all of us are sat at a Pinterest-worthy desk, drinking takeout coffees and smashing goals. Some days are good, some are bad, that’s just the reality of life in lockdown.

First up is Liv, our Creative Content Executive…

Liv has been at Missguided for a year and a half, and looks after the writing side of things. Her day-to-day role is split between creating articles for the Babezine (where you find yourself now), brainstorming campaign copy, writing up SEO-friendly content and more.

Currently locked down in her South-Manchester flat with her boyfriend and new kitten, she takes us through a day in the life working from home at Missguided.

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Liv’s working from home diary- february 2020

6:45am My first alarm goes off, but obviously I snooze it

7:25am After many more snoozes, I finally give in and drag myself out of bed. I had high hopes of doing a workout this morning. I made myself a tasty frothy coffee, fed the cat and watched TikToks for 10 minutes

8:20am …still scrolling through TikTok, it’s probably too late for a workout now. Oh well. I jump in the shower and throw on a pair of joggers and a hoodie

8:40am On my second coffee of the day, I decide to sit in the spare room (aka the ‘office’ as we are now calling it), log on to my laptop and clear through my emails before the start of the day. It seems like a few of my colleagues had the same idea, my inbox starts to ping with replies from the previous day. I write out my to-do list for the day, check through our content calendar and make a start on my workload.

9:50am Our kitten (Reggie) is going absolutely mental, zooming around the flat like an idiot. I clean up the plant he knocked over and then give him a treat (he is too cute to stay angry with). I try and type one-handed and shake his toy around with the other. I struggle to type one handed, so I drop the toy and carry on working (sorry Reggie).

11:00am I realise that I haven’t eaten yet and that I’m starving, which is unusual because I’m a serial snacker. I make myself a jam bagel and grab and apple from the fridge. I make a cuppa for me and my boyfriend then log on to our marketing team meeting. I realise that I am talking loudly whilst my boyfriend is also trying to work in the office, so relocate to the sofa instead (small flat probs).

12:45pm After a pretty productive morning of writing articles, interviewing artists, scheduling Pinterest images and brainstorming copy for next week’s homepage, I decide to make myself some lunch. I reheat leftover Chinese-style veggie fried rice from the night before and resume the episode of Gossip Girl that I am currently streaming. After about 25 minutes of listening to emails ping through, I close GG and head back to work. XOXO

1:30pm I block out most of the afternoon to work on our monthly report, snacking on a combination of Pom Bears and Lotus biscuits as I go. I even experiment with dipping Lotus biscuits into Lotus spread. Let me tell you, it is a game changer.

3:50pm I am finally done with my report and I send it off to my manager for approval. My boyfriend brews up whilst I take a look at my to do list for the rest of the afternoon. I catch up with my partner in crime, aka our Creative Content Assistant, Georgia, to discuss workload and how we are getting on.

4:00pm I work through my emails and make a start on my ad-hoc tasks. These change pretty much every day, but today consisted of helping team members with caption ideas, placing orders for influencers and creating a pitch for a new IGTV idea.

4:20pm I realise that I haven’t drank any water, so I fill up my bottle and grab some grapes out of the freezer to snack on.

4:30pm I log onto a meeting with the wider social team and we catch up and then get down to business. We discuss the results from the previous week and brainstorm ideas for upcoming launches.

5:00pm After struggling with a few of my Babezine articles throughout the day, I suddenly get a bout of creativity. I finish writing the article I was working on and decide to get ahead for tomorrow. Working from home can be a little uninspiring, so I like to make the most of these moments.

6:15pm: I lose track of time and before I know it, I have worked late. I cross the final bits off my to-do list and close down all my work tabs. That helps me switch from work to chill mode. I think about what to have for tea and close my laptop for the night.

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