4 Ways To Start Your Monday Strong

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08 May, 2017

Feeling a bit like this on a Monday morning? We’ve all been there. Here’s 4 ways to help you start the week strong. No job hating around here.

Barbie Meme Monday


Whether you’re a student, self-employed, looking for a job or working it 9-5, Monday is the day the world goes back to work so it’s worth getting on board. To do so, make sure you’ve had at least one full day rest over the weekend to hit re-set properly when the alarm goes off on Monday. Turn your phone off, read a book, go for a walk. Whatever it is, allow a day to totally zone out.


Dedicate a little bit of the weekend preparing for the week ahead. Stock up your fridge, tidy your apartment, do the washing and review your to-do list for the week. Go to bed on Sunday knowing exactly where you need to be Monday morning.


Why not make Monday your favourite day of the week? If you can, do all the aspects of your job you like best on Monday and focus on being creative before the obligatory admin takes over during the rest of the week. If your job is pretty flexible, spend Monday working from home or in your favourite coffee spot; it’s a good way to ease yourself into the week.


Monday tends to be the day we start that painful fitness regime, a diet or insane work schedule, hence the dreaded Sunday fear and inevitable “fuck it Friday”. Instead of a 6am run, choose a chilled walk around the park or, even better, leave the workout for another day and make time for a proper breakfast. Start your Monday chilled and calm and we guarantee you’ll have a more productive week.