Missguided: Nudes

Whatever your shade, we’ve got you covered.

Missguided nudes campaign models

Whatever your shade, we’ve got you covered. Our new Nudes collection launches 13.11.20​. This range has been created to celebrate EVERY. SINGLE. BODY.​

With our campaign, we are on a mission to push the boundaries and re-write the ‘norm.’​ The world is a diverse place, so our clothing should reflect that.

The colour ‘nude’ has meant one shade for far too long, when in reality our skin is not. We worked with 15 inspirational models, content creators and activists to create not only a campaign, but a movement to redefine the colour ‘nude’.

Meet the cast of Missguided Nudes

We worked with 17 amazing models to create the Redefining Nudes campaign, ten of which were selected from our Models of Diversity competition.

Working with Models of Diversity, we put out an open casting call, for anyone to come forward and apply. We had thousands of amazing applicants, all of which were empowered, strong and powerful. We narrowed the competition down to 10 final women, who were chosen to model alongside our confirmed cast.

“Many brands talk about change, few follow through! Misguided absolutely blew us away with there commitment to inclusion and diversity in this campaign! We were delighted that amongst there gorgeous and diverse cast they included 7 very beautiful but very different models from MOD – the results are amazing. It is a pleasure to be associated with a brand so determined to be on the right side of change”.– Models of Diversity

Shop some of the skin-tones collection from the shoot below, or head to Missguided for the full range.