Our favourite tweets about Inside Missguided

Whilst Inside Missguided has been on, we have become obsessed with refreshing our Twitter feeds to see your reactions to the show. We have picked out some of our favourite tweets, some that have made us laugh and others that are downright kind.

Remember to keep tweeting whilst you are watching the show, because we can tell you for sure that the WHOLE cast are watching out for your mentions.

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Best tweets from Inside Missguided

Talk about Treasure

Judging from the comments, we reckon our Senior Creative and Campaign manager, Treasure, has now got an official waiting list for a new best mate.

Tweets about why Missguided lost £26 million

Yeah we get it, we talk about it a lot… but that’s because it is a big deal. There was a number of reasons that 2018 was so difficult for us, but we aren’t keeping it a secret! Take a look at Nitin’s interview with Drapers magazine to find out the full story.

Everyone wanting to join the team

By the sounds of things, everyone wants to join the hard-working chaos at Missguided HQ. If you really wanna walk the walk, find out how to get a job at Missguided.

More of our faves…

We couldn’t do a round up of the best tweets without these thrown in! Take a look below for some of our faves. We even had Pop World claiming that their party van was a rival to the legendary Missguided Rolls Royce.

Tune into Inside Missguided

Join in the conversation on Twitter and tune into Inside Missguided, Wednesday at 10pm. Alternatively if you can’t wait for the next episode, binge watch the series on All4 now.