What we wear to work at Missguided

If you have been watching the new Missguided documentary, you will probs have noticed that our HQ isn’t exactly ‘business formal’, but we aren’t dressed down for work either. Working for one of the UK’s biggest fashion brands, the team use the office as a space to experiment with different outfits, try out new trends and show off all the purchases from the previous weekend.

Nothing is too dressy and nothing is too casual, at Missguided HQ we are all about feeling comfortable and confident.

Inside Missguided Outfits

The only dress code we have is ‘be unapologetically yourself’. Whether we are heading out for post-work drinks, shooting with models on set or heading to a client meeting, everyone at Missguided channels their own personal style into their workwear wardrobe.

If I had a big meeting I would wear the same clothes as everyday but maybe throw over a blazer or jacket and I’d make more of an effort with my hair and make-up as usually I keep that minimal.

Victoria, Senior Designer

The Missguided HQ office has a selfie tunnel and loads of mirrors with good lighting, so luckily we have plenty of IG photos to share with you. Take a look at some of the staff outfits from inside Missguided HQ.

Staff insta photos from Inside Missguided HQ

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Treasure Style Steal

I dress up more for external meetings, I might wear a heel to make a good impression. The rest of the time I choose comfy stuff, but I really enjoy dressing up for work because it’s my time to showcase the brand. I wear lots of branded MG stuff, especially when I am representing the brand in LA. I usually mix it up with vintage and sportswear pieces. Oh and I also have between 8 and 10 Playboy hoodies.

Eleanore, Head of Brand
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Eleanore Style Steal

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Tilly style steal

Because of the type of office we work in we can wear whatever we want so luckily I don’t need to buy 2 wardrobes!!

Rohini, Designer
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Rohini style steal