Missguided working from home diaries

Millie, Student marketing assistant

Written by Liv Grady

February 12, 2021

millie working from home diaries

Welcome to the Missguided Working From Home diaries, a new series where we are discussing what life is REALLY like during lockdown. Each week we are spending a day with a different team member from Missguided HQ, to find out their working from home routine.

We spent a day with Millie, our Student Marketing Assistant…

Millie has been at Missguided for nearly 6 months and looks after all things students. Her day to day role consists of being reactive to trade changes, reviewing student figures and getting the business thinking about students. She is currently locked down in Halifax with her family after moving back home from university in July.

Millie takes us through a day in her life whilst working from home.

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8:10am: My alarm goes off and then I spend a good 20 minutes scrolling through social media (especially tiktok).

8:30am: I get up and jump in the shower to freshen up for the day. I then throw on a matching tracksuit to make me feel somewhat put together.

9:00am: I sit down at my desk (which is in the corner of my bedroom), log on and start the day. I start my daily morning tasks of going through my emails, checking that the student partners are displaying the correct discounts and then start calculating the student spend of the previous day.

10:30am: I finish the spend calculations and decide to grab some breakfast – a bowl of Special K with almond milk. I then start with the daily reporting, looking at yesterday’s student sales for each partner.

11:30am: I finish the reporting and sending over to my manager for him to take a look at. I then start on working through some of the invoices from our partners, setting up the required POs.

1:00pm: Time for a catch up with my manager – we chatted about what we got up to at the weekend (which involved me once again sharing that my weekend highlight was getting a takeaway) as well as catching up on the tasks for the week.

“We chatted about what we got up to at the weekend (which involved me once again sharing that my highlight was getting a takeaway)”

Millie Rodgers

2:00pm: I then had our weekly call with one of the student partners, discussing what needed doing and next steps for the competition we are sponsoring (keep an eye out for the UniDays x Missguided design competition coming soon!)

2:30pm: The meeting ends and it’s time for lunch. My plan was to make a falafel and salad wrap, however I couldn’t really be bothered to make it so ended up with 2 pieces of fruit loaf and an orange. I then took my dog out for a quick walk (he is a 6 month old cockapoo and honestly the cutest thing!). I then sat down in the living room and watched a YouTube video – I am loving watching vlogs at the moment!

3:30pm: Time to get back to work. I have a look at any emails I missed over lunch and then start on the rest of my tasks which vary each day. Today’s tasks included creating a content schedule for our student partners’ site, start working on the student budget splits for March & confirming next week’s student activity and discounts with the trade team.

5:20pm: Time for the last task of the day, which is to create my to do list for tomorrow. I always prefer to do my to do list the day before so I know exactly what I need to do when I log on the next day. I am not a morning person so this definitely helps to get my brain in gear!

“I always prefer to do my to do list the day before, so I know exactly what I need to do when I log on the next day.”

Millie Rodgers

5:30pm: I turn my laptop off for the day, tidy up my work space and start to wind down for the evening.

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