How to check your boobs

How to check your boobs: CoppaFeel!

We've teamed up with CoppaFeel! For Breast Cancer Awareness month. Find out how to check your boobs!

09 Oct, 2019

Q+A: This babe wants to empower everyone through dance

Meet Carly-Ann Purcell, the founder of empowering dance troupe Neptune Girls.

09 Oct, 2019

5 ways to wear: Tailoring

Get to grips with power dressing 101. Tailoring is essential for Autumn and has become our new wardrobe staple.

08 Oct, 2019
Empowering playlist


We teamed up with the babes from the #LOVETHYSELF campaign to bring you the ultimate empowering playlist.

08 Oct, 2019

How to wear: Jeans and a REALLY nice top

'Jeans and a nice top' is probably one of the most over-used messages on the group chat. We’re over that phase now and ready for 'Jeans and a REALLY nice top'.

07 Oct, 2019
TV with Girls Girls Girls

9 TV shows with an empowering female lead

Discover 9 binge-worthy series, all with a powerful female lead.

07 Oct, 2019
last minute halloween costumes

Halloween looks with clothes already in your wardrobe

Create a halloween costume without the fuss.

05 Oct, 2019


Take a look behind the scenes at our #LOVETHYSELF campaign day...

04 Oct, 2019


Antonia Jade is a Youtuber, social media influencer and plus size model. She wants us to #LOVETHYBELLY.

01 Oct, 2019


Meet Lauren Nicole, a 21 year old curve model, graduate and editor of her own magazine. She wants us to #LOVETHYARMS.

01 Oct, 2019


Meet Nylo, a feminist and LGBTQ activist, content creator & body positive champion. She wants us to #LOVETHYBOOBS.

01 Oct, 2019


Meet Mettisse, she is a model, reality star, Youtuber and body positive influencer. Mettisse wants us to #LOVETHYLEGS.

01 Oct, 2019