How to decorate your uni room with vases and more

How to decorate your uni room to relax – 5 easy steps

If you are heading off to uni, chances are you will spend loads of time in your room, so follow our top tips to create a relaxing space.

17 Feb, 2021
student accommodation feel more personal

5 Easy ways to make your student accommodation more personal

Easy steps to make sure that your generic uni bedroom feels a little more 'you'.

16 Feb, 2021
how to trim your bangs at home

How to trim your bangs at home

Thinking of taking the plunge and trimming your own bangs in lockdown? Read our top tips to make sure you get it right first time.

02 Feb, 2021
Desk with laptop and notebooks

5 things I wish I knew before starting university

Struggling with university and need some tips on how to de-stress. Check out our top 5 tips on things we wish we knew before starting university.

20 Jan, 2021
self-care tips for exam stress reading book in bath candles bubblebath Missguided

5 Self-care tips to help you through exam stress

Need some self-care love for all the exam stress? Don't worry. We have you covered with tips and tricks to relive the built up tension of exams.

16 Jan, 2021
Loungewear set pink and grey dual colours working from home Missguided

Cheap loungewear for studying at home

Need some new loungewear for revising from home? We have you covered with our loungewear fits to see you through in style.

14 Jan, 2021
Online classes books and ipad set up

How to not get distracted in online classes

Finding yourself distracted in online classes and lectures? We got you. Read our top tips to help you focus.

13 Jan, 2021
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How to budget and save your uni loan

Sick of living from one pot noodle to another? We have you covered with our tips for budgeting + saving your student maintenance loan.

12 Jan, 2021
missguided productivity studying revising

ways to stay productive whilst studying or revising

Struggling to feel productive while studying from home? DW. We have you covered with our tips and tricks to combat procrastination.

12 Jan, 2021
Running in the cold

What to wear when going for a run in the cold

Your ultimate guide to layering for winter runs. The gym may be closed, but that doesn't mean that you can't get your January health kick going.

06 Jan, 2021
Christmas Tree Decor Missguided

Festive Uni Flat Christmas Decor On A Budget

Check out our inexpensive Christmas decor ideas to wow your flatmates.

23 Nov, 2020