black friday message with cyber student banner

Missguided Cyber Student Top Picks

Black Friday is just around the corner and student can save even more. Discover the cyber student deals and everything you should be adding to your wishlist.

16 Nov, 2021
bonfire night outfits

What to wear for bonfire night…

Stay warm, look cool. The ultimate outfit combination.

02 Nov, 2021
hangxiety girl sat in quilt

3 reasons you shouldn’t let hangxiety get the better of you

Freshers is on the horizon and clubs are back, that means the return of big nights out, parties and booze. But, that also means the return of hangxiety.

20 Sep, 2021
50 questions to get to know someone

50 questions to get to know someone – Easy tips for students

Skip the awkward small talk and get to know your new uni mates. Discover 50 easy questions to keep the conversation flowing.

14 Sep, 2021
How to decorate your uni room on a budget

How to decorate your uni room on a budget

Making the move to uni? We got you. Transform your space with Missguided Home. For a limited time only, students can get 30% off.

09 Sep, 2021

How to spend freshers week if you don’t drink

When people talk about freshers week, they talk about boozing, late nights and big parties, however freshers week can be whatever you make it.

09 Sep, 2021
Halloween inspo for 2021

Best Friend Halloween Costumes for 2021 – Iconic duos

The ultimate best friend power couples. Discover inspo for you and your bestie this Halloween.

07 Sep, 2021
grid of three student apps

The 9 best student apps to download

Discover the handiest student apps that every fresher needs to download. Tried and tested by the team at Missguided HQ.

01 Sep, 2021
student recipes ideas

The best student recipes on TikTok

Easy TikTok recipes to follow on a budget.

27 Aug, 2021
cheap going out outfits with swirly pattern

Cheap going out outfits – More £££ to spend on plans

Save your cash for the club. Discover our fave going out outfits starting at £12. From co ords to dresses, we have you covered, no matter the budget.

17 Aug, 2021
hangover loungewear

Hangover loungewear for your first student night out

Outfits suitable for: nursing a sore head, debriefing the night before and ordering a 2pm Dominoes. Your freshers hangover outfit=Sorted.

12 Aug, 2021