5 things I wish I knew before starting university

Tips from MSGD HQ

Written by Georgia Chappell

January 20, 2021

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It’s safe to say that starting University can be an extremely stressful time. Not only are you starting a whole new chapter of life, but you are also meeting new people, getting used to a new routine, and ramping up the workload. It’s a daunting experience for anyone. You’ll probably be asking yourself ‘am I good enough?’ or ‘am I coming across okay?’. Don’t worry, gal. All these feelings and emotions are completely normal for freshers week. So, to put your worries and fears to bed, here are 5 things I wish I had known before starting University.

The 101 on university

  1. Don’t stress too much about assignments
  2. Its completely normal to struggle
  3. Balance your work and social life
  4. Plan your student loan budget
  5. Tidy your student accommodation

don’t stress too much about assignments

It’s no joke that Uni is a massive step up from sixth form. So, don’t panic if you feel a bit out of your depth with classes. Make sure that you create group chats with people in your classes to keep on top of things, don’t be afraid to ask your tutor for guidance and if you need to talk about anything personal, you should be assigned a personal tutor who will be your guide for the year.

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It’s completely normal to struggle

Sometimes admitting that your struggling can be even harder than dealing with it. But health and wellbeing teams can really make a difference. If you’re struggling, drop student support teams a message for advice or a simple chat. Better yet, if you can, talk to your friends and family. One of them may be going through the same struggles as you.

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balance work + social life

Don’t forget that university is still a time of your life that should be experienced to the fullest. Make sure to take some time for yourself. Plan a night out a week, create fun tasks for your flatmates to do together. Remember to use a safe taxi scheme if you are going out on the town. Just make sure to experience as much of uni life as possible. It isn’t all about exams and assignments.

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Plan your student loan budget

It’s really important to track your finances. After all, the Pot Noodle diet might sound tempting, but it isn’t for the faint-hearted. Check out our article on how to budget and save your student loan for more info. Hopefully, you might even have a little money left over to treat yourself or save for a rainy day.

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Tidy your damn room!

Take a day to clean your bloody accommodation. I would advise to do it on a Friday. That way, you have the weekend to refresh and reset. Tidy your personal space, do your laundry, organise your desk, create a checklist for next week and organise your clothes pile on THAT chair. You know the one.

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Start university off right

I hope these tips and tricks I picked up at Uni will help you as you go through it. Everyone knows that University can be really hard on your mental health. So, take breaks when you need to. It’s okay to set aside some ‘me-time’ if it’s needed. Give yourself a pamper day, bake a cake, start a fitness routine. Do whatever helps you to get through the trials and tribulations of University. Check out our article on how to relax from exam stress for more info.