Back to school edit: The uni look book

Whether you’re a fresher or you’re heading into your final year at uni, a new term is the excuse you need to buy more clothes. We’ve teamed up with Babes of Missguided @JadeLeannexo and @AimeeKriskros to help you nail your own “back to school” look.

For when the packing seems endless and you discover that you hate everything you own, we got you. Find throw-on-and-go outfits to take you from lecture to library (because uni is just about the studies, right?).

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To wear out & about at uni

University outfit: Grey plaid shirt with black bag
University outfit: Jade Leanne red plaid shirt

You’re going to be sat in a seminars for a few hours at a time, and let’s face it, you’re probably also powering through a hangover, so comfort is key. Team an oversized shirt with your trusty joggers to create an outfit that’s as easy as it looks.

So wrong, it’s right

University outfit: Dark denim
University outfit: blue denim

You know those mornings when you wake up for your alarm, but accidentally scroll through Instagram for 40 minutes before jumping out of bed in a panic? Well, meet double denim, your new best friend. Team a denim jacket with mom jeans and viola, you’ve created an instant outfit. 

Casual (kind of)

University outfit: white cami top
University outfit: cami top brown plaid

Give your shoulders the attention they have been seeking, in a cami top and jeans combo. This look manages to be casual, but not really. From long stints in the library, to Starbucks “study sessions”, it’s foolproof.

Uni backpacks and totes (for emotional baggage)

You’ll also need a new bag, where else are you going to shove your folders, notebook and countless unwanted fresher party flyers?

If you’re starting a new term soon and we’ve helped you decide what to wear to uni, we’ve also got loads of stuff to help you on your way. Discover exclusive discount, tips, advice and style guides on the student section of BabeZine.