Festive Uni Flat Christmas Decor On A Budget

Get ready to wow the flatmates this season.

Christmas Tree Decor Missguided

If you’re just about sick of your mum’s hand-me-down silver tinsel and grubby stockings that have been at the back of the cupboard for 15 years, check out our budget Christmas decor ideas to jazz up your flat for the festive season. If you really wanna wow your flatmates this Christmas, keep on reading to be the king of the flat. There’s no point in flatlining your bank account, you don’t have to spend big to see Christmas through in style.

DIY Christmas decor ideas

Do it yourself wreath

DIY Wreath Missguided Christmas Decor

Is your decor really insta ready if you don’t have a Christmas door wreath? How annoying is it that a Christmas decor staple is so bloody expensive? All that money for a bit of wire and twigs? We don’t think so. Don’t worry, Christmas wreath making is SO easy and can save you some serious coin this season. All you need is a bit of wire that can be shaped into a circle. Then, round up your flatmates and go for a nice walk (that’s all you can get up to without it being illegal anyway). Make sure you pick up some pretty leaves, twigs and most importantly, flowers that can be dried to create your very own wreath. Don’t forget to tie a bow for the finishing touches.

Get creative with your Christmas tree

DIY Christmas Tree Missguided Decor

We all know how a massive Christmas tree can really add the Christmas spirit to any home. We seriously doubt your student accommodation would want you dragging in a real tree, and the massive fake ones can be so annoyingly expensive. Why not achieve the Christmas tree vibe, but make it DIY for less? All you need to do is gather a few twigs in varying lengths on your walk, then arrange them from shortest to longest and tie together with string leaving gaps in between. Then, get some battery operated fairy lights and tie it around. Hang on the wall and there you have it. You’re guaranteed to impress your flatmates with this one.

Christmas scents

Cleaning Products Missguided Christmas Decor

Us humans experience life with more than our eyes, its important to decorate for all the senses. For example, we can easily recognise the scent of Christmas. A log burning fire, roast chicken in the oven, freshly baked cookies, mulled wine, and a freshly pulled Christmas cracker. So why not level your Christmas scent game up this festive season? If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on Christmas candles, why not get a little creative? Invest in some mulled wine washing up liquid, Christmas scented zoflora and Christmas cookies scented fabulosa. The flat will smell absolutely amazing and added bonus – It might incentivise your flatmates to finally clean the kitchen.

Christmas calendar countdown

Calendar Missguided Christmas Decor

Here at Missguided, we think its absolutely unacceptable for Christmas calendars to be so expensive when you only get a drop of chocolate a day. It makes no sense. So, if you’re a chocolate lover and need your fix in the round up to Christmas, why not make a DIY Christmas calendar to get more bang for your buck? They also work really well for Christmas decor. Head down to your local pound shop and pick up 25 pieces of normal-sized chocolate, this should only cost around a tenner. Number each piece of chocolate and take turns between housemates opening a bar for the day. That’s it, that’s the post. You’re welcome.

So, there you have it. Give our inexpensive Christmas decor a go to spruce up your uni flat for the season and wow your flatmates. You could always use this as an excuse to get out of your yearly secret Santa. But if not, Check out our Christmas gifts and PJs above or check out our fave loungewear below. Treat yourself, you deserve it.