How to spend freshers week if you don’t drink

Not drinking doesn’t mean missing out

Written by Liv Grady

September 9, 2021

When people talk about freshers week, they talk about boozing, late nights and big parties, however freshers week can be whatever you make it. If you don’t drink or prefer to keep your evenings a bit more lowkey, then keep reading.

Freshers week is all about getting to know people, exploring a new city and making a fresh start, however this can often be overshadowed by boozy club nights. For those that are commuting, those that don’t drink and those that prefer a chilled vibe, here is how to make the most out of your first week at uni.

Freshers week activities for non drinkers

freshers week activity coffee date

Freshers fair

The freshers fair hosted by your student is an amazing way to introduce yourself to new people and make friends. There is opportunity to find out more about societies and bond with your flatmates at the event.


Spend a bit of time researching societies. From rock climbing to tea drinking, there is literally something for everyone. Spend some time at the freshers fair introducing yourself to society leaders and discovering groups that fit your interests.

Eating out

Going out doesn’t have to involve drinking. A great way to meet your new flatmates or course mates is through eating out. Organise a welcome meal or get to know your new city by doing a three course meal at different foodie spots in your area.

Join in and put yourself out of your comfort zone

Remember, you don’t have to drink to go out! If your new pals are playing a drinking game in the flat, there is nothing to stop you getting involved (minus the booze). Be confident in yourself and don’t necessarily avoid events because people are drinking. You can still get dressed up, treat yourself to a mocktail and have a dance. (Plus you can be smug in the morning when you are the only one without a hangover).

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