An Actually Useful Guide To Results Day

It’s the day sending young people up and down the country completely under…results day *shivers*.  But don’t worry – we’ve all been there. With our actually useful guide to exam results day 2018, we’ve got every exam result eventuality covered.

Got the grades? Congratulations babe!

From 8am on Thursday 16th, you can access your uni info on the UCAS track website. If one of your choices is marked as confirmed then champagne for breakfast it is! Don’t worry if your confirmation letter isn’t there yet. It’s a busy, busy day for the UCAS unicorns so your acceptance letter will probably appear on the UCAS track site about 5-7 days later.

Got the grades, but still waiting for your place to be confirmed?

Okay, admittedly your first reaction to this will be to panic but don’t.  This is probably because the uni is waiting for a bit more info from you, like your GCSE results. Double check all required info is uploaded.  But if you definitely have met all of the college or uni’s requirements, then your place will be confirmed. Like we said, it’s a busy day for the UCAS unicorns, so just sit tight.

Didn’t quite get the grades and UCAS track still says ‘conditional’ next to your university?

If you didn’t get the grades you hoped for it can feel like the end of the world. But try not to worry because there is still hope.  If your offer still stands as ‘conditional’, then it’s best to contact the university directly and see what’s what. You may still be accepted.

Got even better grades than expected?!

Well done for smashing it, babe! If you got even better A-Level grades than expected then good for you.  This means that your conditional offer has probably been accepted, but if you want to swap your course you can do this on your UCAS track – use their adjustment service to find the course that you’re after, but just a note that you only have 5 days to do this.

Didn’t get the grades you wanted and UCAS track says ‘unsuccessful’?

Not getting the grades you want at A-level can feel super stressful, but you really aren’t out of options. There are still plenty of great universities offering amazing courses through UCAS clearing, I went through clearing and it’s not as daunting as it seems. I ended up at a top university, finishing with a decent result and bagging a job at Missguided, so hope is definitely not lost!

What is UCAS clearing?

Clearing is a service provided by UCAS that lets you search courses similar to what you hoped to do at different unis across the country. Or you can search for the uni you hoped to go to and see what courses they have available.  You can also contact unis directly with your clearing number to see if they will accept you. Why not get a few informal offers, that way you have options.  When you find a course you want to do at a uni then great, time to crack open the champers! Just remember that you will have to find halls pretty speedily as they do get snapped up and you’ll need to talk to student loans to update them with which university you will now be attending.

Changed your mind about a course or going to uni?

You probably applied for uni what seems like an age ago, and situations do change.  If you got the grades you needed and decided that you don’t want to do the course you have applied for, or even put off going to uni for a bit you just need to ask the uni to release you. Again if uni isn’t your thing this year, then just withdraw your application altogether, you’ve got plenty of time to go to uni, no pressure!

Need a bit more help?

Like we said exam results day is all a bit overwhelming, so if you’re still unsure of what to do pop down to your school or college and talk to your teachers.  You can also speak to the UCAS unicorns directly on their free phone line on 0808 100 8000 or contact UCAS Online on Facebook or Twitter, with lines open from 8:00am on Thursday 16th August.


Good luck babes and just remember A-level results are not the end of the world!