How to celebrate Freshers’ week virtually

If you aren’t moving away to university, you might find it a little more difficult to celebrate freshers’ week, but don’t stress, we’ve got loads of ways for you to make friends with your new course mates. If you choose to live at home with your parents whilst at university, it can often feel like you are getting left behind, but there is no need to worry. Creating a virtual freshers’ week with some of your new coursemates can be a great way to get to know them and settle in.


How to throw a virtual Freshers’ week

Use Facebook groups to find your course mates ahead of your first online lecture. Once you have a group chat, then it is easy to initiate a call.

Forget the cheesy ice breakers and opt for a virtual freshers’ week that involves Zoom drinking games, quizzes or even just a chat to get to know one another.

Loads of universities will also be throwing their own virtual Freshers’ fairs, which will give you the opportunity to join societies, find out more about the uni itself and explore opportunities for socialising.

Freshers Festival

Frehsers Festival is a company that usually takes its events all over the country to different universities, but this year they are hosting it online. You can get yourself tickets ahead of next week’s events and get loads of cool stuff including exclusive student discounts, competitions, live music and more. Oh and the freshers festival tickets are free.

What to wear for freshers

Whether you are celebrating freshers virtually, or IRL there is still the huge decision of what to wear. Head over to Missguided to find our student edit.

Now you have figured out your freshers outfit, why not upgrade your daywear wardrobe with our handy guide on what to wear for lectures.