Grid of class of missguided students

Class of Missguided- student fits

Wanna join the Class of Missguided as a Student Ambassador? Take a look at our top outfits of the week and find out how to get featured. Read now.

01 Jul, 2021
Daz banner and model wearing pink dress

The student guide to washing your clothes with Daz

Never ruin your clothes again, plus get an exclusive offer.

10 Jun, 2021
friendships girls silhouette

4 best reminders for people who are struggling with friendships

For National Best Friend Day, we decided to take a look at some quotes that will help you through trying times with your BFF. Read now.

09 Jun, 2021
girl wearing pink shirt summer clothes

Summer clothes that every student needs to invest in

Staple items for all your warm weather plans. It's time to level up your summer wardrobe and put your student loan to good use.

27 Apr, 2021
study account of desk

The best study accounts to follow on Instagram

Make your procrastination productive. Discover motivational study accounts to follow on Instagram.

23 Apr, 2021
self-care tips for exam stress reading book in bath candles bubblebath Missguided

5 Self-care tips to help you through exam stress

Need some self-care love for all the exam stress? Don't worry. We have you covered with tips and tricks to relive the built up tension of exams.

22 Apr, 2021
playboy outfit to spend your student loan on

Top picks to spend your student loan on

*PSA - we cannot be held responsible for overspending on cute clothes.

16 Apr, 2021
girl wearing oversized hoodie from student loan

Student loan drop – Outfits that aren’t just ‘trends’ to treat yourself to

Wanna actually spend your student loan on items that will last? Take a look at our list of key essentials for every student wardrobe.

16 Apr, 2021
student loan outfits

Student loan drop -Affordable spring outfits that won’t break the bank

Spend your student loan wisely, but remember to factor in a little cash for yourself. Take a look at our fave spring outfits within a student budget.

12 Apr, 2021
back to uni

5 best outfits you need for going back to uni

Nervous about heading back to uni in real life? Don't let your outfit anxiety hold you back. Take a look at our essential outfits for any student.

06 Apr, 2021
How to decorate your uni room with vases and more

How to decorate your uni room to relax – 5 easy steps

If you are heading off to uni, chances are you will spend loads of time in your room, so follow our top tips to create a relaxing space.

17 Feb, 2021
student accommodation feel more personal

5 Easy ways to make your student accommodation more personal

Easy steps to make sure that your generic uni bedroom feels a little more 'you'.

16 Feb, 2021