Student Confessions: Most embarrassing night out stories

We all have those mornings where the beer fear is real. The morning after a big night out we lie in bed, tap through the embarrassing stories and avoid looking at last night’s text messages.

If you’ve got the hangover guilt RN, we’re here to let you know that you’re not the only one. We reached out on Instagram to find out your most embarrassing drunken stories.

Don’t worry, we’re not drunk-shamers, so we’ve kept everyone anonymous!

Student night out confessions


“I got locked in a car outside a club and firefighters were called to try and get me out!” 


“I apologised for my performance during sex 🤦. WHO DOES THAT?! It’s safe to say we haven’t spoken since.”


“I accidentally pulled my flatmate down the stairs and knocked him out.”


“I was dancing on top of a table (super drunk) and threw up in front of everyone.”


“One night, I drank so much that I forgot I’d moved into a new flat. My old flatmates had to call my ex boyfriend to come and collect me.”


“I walked into a fish and chip shop, just grabbed a fish and then ran!”


“We were leaning against the DJ booth for a picture, I didn’t realise it was left unlocked so I fell arse over tit through it.”


“I got so excited to see my best mate that when we hugged, I cracked my tooth on impact.”


“Whilst at pre-drinks I stood on a balloon and snapped my ankle. I still went out, but it’s safe to say that I couldn’t walk the next day.”


“After being sick, I cleaned up my shirt in the bathroom. I had to throw my bra away, but I still stayed out.”


“When running for chicken nuggets in uni halls, I fell over and took all the skin off my face.”


“My worst moment was checking my bank balance after a night out in Ibiza, to discover that I had spent €50 on a KEBAB.”


“After being thrown out of a club four times, I somehow managed to sneak back in.”


“I drunk dialled my ex-boyfriend to tell him I loved him, but I had called my dad by accident”


“Whilst getting freaky in a bathroom, I broke the toilet and had to pay for a new one”


“I fell asleep on a sofa in the club and the bouncer had to carry me out through the dance floor”

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