How to Dress for Every Student Event

We know that at this part of term, it can feel like uni is never going to end. But believe us, this year will fly by quicker than you know, and it’ll be time for celebrations. Ready to start planning your outfits? Here’s what to wear for every student event:


missguided maxi dress student event prom


Don your posh frock darling, we are going to the prom. Prom night is THE night to get your dress on, and show your school who’s Queen of the Class. Floor-sweeping maxi dresses are a classic prom look, but make sure you stand out from the crowd with something a little different – Think lace, embellishments and cutouts. Mini and midi styles can be effective options for prom too – So throw on a pair of knockout heels and flash those pins.

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Summer Ball

missguided jumpsuit inspo student event may ball

A Summer Ball is pretty much just a prom with a little more grown-up feel. These are seriously formal affairs, but that doesn’t mean you have to be traditional. Why look like everybody else when you could stand out like the boss babe you are? Go for an elegant, tailored jumpsuit. There is a style of jumpsuit for every body shape, so choose one that’s going to accentuate your best features. Then just throw on some barely-theres and you’re good to go! Winner.

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missguided midi dress inspo graduation student event

The time has arrived, and all those 9am lectures and all-nighters to finish your coursework have led you to this point. It’s time to celebrate and say goodbye to uni in style – This is THE student event of the year. Choosing a dress that will go under your gown can be difficult to get right, but midi dresses are usually a safe bet. Go for a muted colour scheme and avoid patterns – You’re going to be the centre of attention regardless of what you wear anyway! 

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