The best study accounts to follow on Instagram

Make your procrastination productive

Written by Liv Grady

April 23, 2021

study account of desk

We all know the feeling. After spending twenty minutes on your uni assignment or homework, it’s all too tempting to check tiktok or instagram for a quick scroll. Before you know it, you are deep into the depths of your ex-boyfriend’s, sister’s, cat’s profile and 2 hours have gone by. The procrastination is real and the thought of going back to your essay is just too much. If you want to make your Insta feed a little more study-friendly, we got you. There is thousands of cool aesthetic study accounts on Instagram, dedicated to helping you stay motivated.

Once you get into the world of study accounts on Insta, it’s hard to leave. From accounts dedicated to perfectly colour coded revision notes, to motivational quotes and career advice, there is something to help everyone on their journey to academic success. Take a look at some of our fave study accounts to follow RN.

Study accounts to folllow


Study Niice uses bullet journaling techniques to create these dreamy notes. She is a 19 year old student currently working towards a-levels.

studdy accounts


Better Grades is a self confessed coffee addict and New-York based student. They spend their time posting coffee shop working spaces, memes, notes and more.

study account on instagram


Studying, but make it ~aesthetic~. Five Star Study is currently on a gap year, but makes these cool aesthetic edits of her desk set up. If that isn’t motivation for spending time at your desk, I don’t know what is.

desk study account


If minimalism is your thing, then give OniStudying a follow. She is a Maths BA Hons student with immaculate notes. She is guaranteed to make you want to crack out the highlighters and create beautiful revision notes of your own.



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