Ways to stay productive whilst studying or revising

Top tips from MSGD HQ

Written by Georgia Chappell

January 12, 2021

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It’s safe to say that we all dreamed of being able to skip our lectures without any consequences. But now all tutoring, revising and tests are online and from home, it’s proving much harder than we expected to stay focused and actually learn. We think it’s just about time to switch things up to aid our productivity whilst studying.

Not only will this help you get back into the coursework and exam practice groove, but will massively help your mental wellbeing in these hard times. From creating notes you actually want to read, to ensuring you have the correct desk chair to ease back pain. Take a look at our top tips on staying more productive while revising and avoid the dreaded procrastination.

What to wear while revising from home?

Getting dressed out of your PJs can work wonders on your mental health. No need to completely dress up. You can still be comfortable and put together in your fave loungewear set. Take a look at some of our loungewear items below to spice up your studying and revising life.

Ways to stay productive while studying

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Dont just stay in bed

It’s important to designate your space when studying and revising from home. You should see your bed as your relaxation after a long day, and you should create a workspace that can be dedicated to just that. Find an inexpensive desk and chair that you actually like and invest in cute desk accessories that will aid you in revising. That way, you cannot get distracted by a cheeky Netflix and chill sesh.

Create notes you wanna read

Once you have taken your scrabbly notes from your lecture, take the time straight afterwards to write them out again in your fanciest pens. Have fun with it while soaking up all that knowledge. This technique allows you to feel comfortable coming back to your fancy notes again and again to develop your skillset.

aural utilisation

If you love listening to music, this one might be for you. Try to play non-distracting music in the background while studying along with creating raps, poetry and songs to remember key information which you can recite back to yourself (in your head obviously) during exam season. It’s safe to say we all remember our fave HSM songs, so what’s stopping us from making new lyrics with our exam info?

Physical touch

You could use your hands as much as possible to learn your keynotes. Need to understand something, like an atom? Make a model of it. Or if you are studying for a geography exam, take a walk in the countryside to immerse yourself in the subject first hand.

Give yourself breaks

It’s easy to overwork yourself in the run-up to exam season. But it’s so important to give yourself breaks to allow your brain to relax. Its been working hard after all. Turn your relaxing time into a test. Once you have finished with a section of learning, take a 10-15 minute break. Then, come back to your desk and write everything you have learned in bullet points. If you miss anything, re-read your section, take a 5-minute break and try again until you’ve got it.

You’ve got this

We hope these productivity tips will help you revise for important exams and get your head down for assignments with tight deadlines. We all know this year has been rough and its a shame that uni students are having to work twice as hard. But this will make you stronger than ever. If you think you deserve a treat, check out our fave loungewear to be sitting pretty while being productive.