University clothing essentials

What clothes to take to uni

Written by Liv Grady

August 3, 2021

What clothes to take to uni

If you are heading off to Uni soon, it can be tempting to take your whole wardrobe, because you never know what plans might crop up. However, it’s important to be strict on yourself when choosing what clothes to take to uni, because you won’t have much storage space.

If you are lucky, you will probably be supplied with a single wardrobe, a small chest of drawers and a couple of coat hooks on the back of the door, that’s definitely not enough room to fit your online shopping addition.

Schitt's creek packing what clothes to take to uni
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What clothes to take to uni

Try sectioning your clothes into Summer and Winter outfits. This will mean that you can automatically leave your shorts, sandals and summer dresses at your parent’s house. Remember, you can always pick them up when you next visit home.


Loungewear is key for any student. You will be spending a lot of time in your halls, so it is important that you feel comfortable around your new flatmates. You might not want to chill with them in your pyjamas at first, so loungewear is essential. Joggers and hoodies are also a lifesaver when you have to sit through lectures hungover. Comfort is everything.

Jeans & denim

Daytimes at uni are pretty casual. You might head to the shops or nip to the pub after lectures, but generally people keep it pretty lowkey. Pack yourself a couple of pairs of jeans and maybe a trusty denim skirt, perfect for seminars or hitting the library.

Underwear & tights

When choosing what clothes to take to uni, you probs wanna bring as many pairs of knickers, tights and socks as possible. Washing your clothes in halls is time consuming and often expensive. You want to avoid having to do multiple small washes for the sake of a pair of knickers. The more you have, the less time you need to spend in the communal laundry area.


Leave the heels at home. Even if you’re a heels girl, trust us on this. I know it probably hurts to hear, but you only need to take a few pairs of versatile casual boots and trainers. No student wears heels, the floors are too sticky and the nights are too mental. Ensure that you have a pair of trainers that you don’t mind ruining in the club. We would also recommend a pair of sliders for communal hallways and kitchens, because they can get GROTTY.

Coats and jackets

Coats and jackets are so important for uni. You will want a big warm comfy puffer jacket for walking to uni in the rain or grabbing a hungover maccies. You will definitely need a nice casual coat for pub trips and days out with the flatmates. It also goes without saying that a couple of trusty going-out jackets are essential too. Invest in a faux leather or denim and an oversized blazer.


You really won’t need as many bags as you think. Make sure you pack yourself a backpack or tote big enough for your books, laptop and snacks (the essentials), alongside a daytime handbag and a going out bag.

It’s tempting to take everything you own, but you will feel much better if your room isn’t cluttered by mess. Keep your packing to a minimal, especially for your first term. You can always collect anything you are missing, next time you head home.

It may feel like a hard decision choosing what clothes to take to university, but remember you can always buy more. You are now a student and you now possess the power of student discount (omg). Use it wisely, or don’t…