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KISSTORY Festival – The ultimate lowdown

PSA: KISSTORY festival is happening THIS weekend. Discover the top acts to see, what to wear & more.

23 Sep, 2021
Here we flo at Missguided

Here We Flo at Missguided- Meet the founders of the sustainable period brand

Meet the founders behind the sustainable period brand Here We Flo. Find out their story to success and more about their Sex Education range.

23 Sep, 2021
Introducing Playboy x Missguided - Layer Game

Introducing Playboy x Missguided – Layer Game

Summer bye. Make winter a thing again with bold puffers & next level knits. Discover the new Playboy x Missguided Layer Game collection, on site now.

21 Sep, 2021
halloween outfit

The best halloween outfits for people who don’t do costumes

Whether you 'do' costumes or not, there is an outfit to make you feel sexy on 31st October. From the classic cat to the Playboy bunny, discover our top picks.

20 Sep, 2021
hangxiety girl sat in quilt

3 reasons you shouldn’t let hangxiety get the better of you

Freshers is on the horizon and clubs are back, that means the return of big nights out, parties and booze. But, that also means the return of hangxiety.

20 Sep, 2021
50 questions to get to know someone

50 questions to get to know someone – Easy tips for students

Skip the awkward small talk and get to know your new uni mates. Discover 50 easy questions to keep the conversation flowing.

14 Sep, 2021
girl wearing deni, butterfly co ord

Autumn trends according to TikTok and Instagram

Searching for new season trends can be daunting. We have scoured instagram to discover the autumn trends that are actually worth investing in.

09 Sep, 2021
How to decorate your uni room on a budget

How to decorate your uni room on a budget

Making the move to uni? We got you. Transform your space with Missguided Home. For a limited time only, students can get 30% off.

09 Sep, 2021

How to spend freshers week if you don’t drink

When people talk about freshers week, they talk about boozing, late nights and big parties, however freshers week can be whatever you make it.

09 Sep, 2021

Introducing Missguided Homeware

Curate your space with hand selected decor and accessories. Discover

09 Sep, 2021
Halloween inspo for 2021

Best Friend Halloween Costumes for 2021 – Iconic duos

The ultimate best friend power couples. Discover inspo for you and your bestie this Halloween.

07 Sep, 2021